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rothko is one of my favorite artists. i know i say that about everyone, but i really mean it with him. he was a color field painter in the 60's and 70's, and created works that were supposed to be sublime and take you to an almost religious place. rothko made his works very large so that they would take up your entire view, and you could be completely enveloped in them.

the phillip's collection in d.c. has a 'rothko room', where four of his masterpieces hang. it is a must see when you come to d.c. i have a hard time deciding which is my favorite. i love the varying feelings that each work gives. today i have paired each of the paintings in the rothko room, with an interior that i feel reflects that same feelings. the first has a feeling of old world class, the second a sombre and moody scene, the third is bright and cheery, and the fourth an exotic den of iniquity. isn't amazing that the same forms in different colors can create such different reactions?

Rothko Blue.jpg
Rothko Ocre.jpg
Rothko Orange.jpg
Rothko Red.jpg